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Our Services

Air Advantage is your one stop shop for home based sleep studies, CPAP equipment supplies, services and fittings.

Sleep Studies

We offer home based sleep studies. This allows you to stay the night in your own bed, giving a comprehensive reading. This is a diagnostic type II sleep study at home, without the hours of travel to a city hospital and unfamiliar surroundings.

The steps to arrange a sleep study:

  1. Get a referral from your GP
  2. Book an appointment with AA
  3. Setup for sleep study
  4. Go home and sleep the night
  5. Return equipment to air advantage
  6. Data is sent to a sleep physician who will be available for a local consult if necessary and results also sent to your GP
  7. If the diagnostics show that you have sleep apnoea, come back to Air Advantage for a 4 week trial

CPAP Supply & Fittings

If you are requiring a CPAP machine, call in or phone with a prescription or report from your doctor. We will set CPAP machine as per prescription. We offer a 4 week trial. We have a range of masks to suit different facial shapes. Loan masks are also provided. We provide a full demonstration of the usage of a CPAP machine. All after-sale consults are free of charge.

Repairs & Warranty

We handle repairs, warranty and arrangements with the manufacturers we are supplied by.

Ongoing Support

At Air Advantage we pride ourselves in offering a high level of after sales support. We are happy to assist with adjustments or the replacement of masks or parts. If you purchased your CPAP equipment from us, there are no ongoing consultation charges.

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